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| atelier urban nomads (a-un)

is an art and architecture collective whose work focuses in designing objects and structures that contribute to the appropriation of underused public spaces. Our aim is to get people involved in the making of the collectively designed interventions, getting them to take ownership of the public realm. Though creative and architectural, the interventions also fulfil the pedagogical role of getting people aware of their built environment, empowering them to change it according to their needs.

Project’s team: Luísa Alpalhão (architect : coordinator), Anna Schlundt (urbanism student – Bauhaus), Carolin Seiberlich (urbanism student – Bauhaus), Tatjana Zemeitat (urbanism student – Bauhaus), Zita Seichter (urbanism student – Bauhaus)


| Leveld Kunstnartun

is an art centre in Leveld, Ål Municipality, Norway, that hosts art residencies. As part of the project, LK is the intermediary between a-un team and Leveld’s School. LK supports the project with local research on the topic and with the necessary contacts for a successful collaboration.


| Leveld School

is the local Primary School currently with 73 students from the vicinities. Each class has between 10 and 15 students allowing a close relationship between students and staff. The educational curriculum is based on Progressive Education principles. It serves the whole community offering a wide range of activities pre and post classes. The school has a close connection to Leveld Kunstnarturn.

The project currently involves Years 2, 5 & 6 classes.

Year 2 : Helga Johanna Fuglesteg (teacher) : Angelika, Ingrid Sofie, Jakob, Synøve Marie, Marthe, Magnus, Thea, Roger, Kristianne, Thea T., Åmund

Year 5 : Vigdis Vedvik Gåsterud (teacher) : Gunhild, Hakon, Iselin, Katerina, Kristin, Kristin O., Johan, Mateusz, Narve, Terese, Thea 

Year 6 : Linda Lundsgaard Lauridsen (teacher) : Andres, Eirik, Gro, Ida, Ingrid, Karen, Kjell Arne, Lena, Marie, Mattias, Monica


| Ål kulturskule : Kunst

Ål kulturskule has an art class, run by Tone Haga, that joined the project. The art work developed with their students compliments the activities taking place at Leveld School.

Students : Iver Kolbjørnsgard Håheim, Selma Kolbjørnsgard Håheim, Julia Kozakiewicz, Khadizat Gasjomova, Ella Marie Murray, Malene Majormoen, Jonas Hovelsås Luksengard, Oda Olasdotter Sundgot, Emil Kolbjørnsgard Håheim