| stabburgueiros : community house

Stabburgueiro  is a new community space for Leveld. Its programme and design results from the work that has been developed over the last year with the children from Leveld Skole, the local inhabitants and the Kunstnartun. It intends to serve the whole community of Leveld, but the children in particular. Stabburgueiro’s design is inspired in the two vernacular structures ‘stabburs’(NO) and ‘espigueiros’ (PT) which were initially designed to store food (corn, in the case of ‘espigueiros’), raised from the ground to protect it from the mice and the moist.

Currently, both ‘stabburs’ and ‘espigueiros’ became slightly obsolete and their initial design purpose less adequate to contemporary needs of both Norwegian and Portuguese rural societies. Stabburgueiro is inspired in both designs and intends to be a celebration of the former structures, as much as an evolutive typology that merges the two designs creating a series of new spaces that can be used for food-related activities, pedagogical and cultural activities.

It directly relates to the surrounding landscape, framing the views of the woods, and to the adjacent buildings (the Kunstnartun). Its uses differ in winter and summer.

It is built with local materials using traditional joinery techniques. The construction of the building itself is the result of a joint effort between members of the local community and students keen on learning about traditional joinery.


: Possible spaces :

Indoors spaces

: place to watch films (on a slope) + place to cook & eat dinner / good restaurant (wet floor + sink) + store food : : place for coffee

: place to draw (wet floor + sink)

: place to read (cozy) +  place for art workshops with school children and invited artists

: place to play board games (cozy)


: trampoline

: place to cycle

: place to play (for children)

: food garden / allotment