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Material Bank_stabburgueiros-01

Our new building will be made partially using old materials and objects donated by people from the vicinities. We would like to re-use, re-claim, transform existing ‘waste’ into beautiful elements of the new Stabburgueiro so we are looking for all kinds of materials and other possible contributions. If you would like to make a donation please contact leveld.kunstnartun@gmail.com or go directly to the Kunstnartun or to Leveld Skole.

we are looking for contributions for…

+ FUNDING and ways of raising funding to build the second stage of the project

+ MATERIALS (to be donated through the school)

+ SKILLED PEOPLE  and people who like making and  building, playing music, cooking…  and think they could contribute to the project)

+ PEOPLE TO HELP with the events and workshops

+ SUPPORT PROMOTING THE PROJECT within Leveld and outside

+ people to join our DEBATE ON SHARED SPACES and different needs for Leveld

+ knowledge/stories about stabburs for the documentation

please email us on atelier@atelierurbannomads.org

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