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Leveld is a small village in Ål Municipality, Hallingdal. Up in the Norwegian mountains, approximately 700m above sea-level, Leveld is almost a midpoint reference between Oslo and Bergen. Surrounded by mountains and lakes, Leveld’s landscape is populated by farms that occupy the sunny side of the valley.  The 300 inhabitants village has been considered as a conservation area.

Leveld Kunstnartun , the main local partner of the project, is the recently created village art centre.  The facilities make use of a renovated house from the 1950’ies, “The teachers house” where it regularly hosts artists residencies, talks and exhibitions bringing new cultural exchanges to the village.

From the 1930’ies about twenty artists and some writers dwelled in Leveld appreciating the view and bright clean air. They stayed in the farms and became part of the community. Agnar Mykle and Jens Bjørneboe were authors staying in Leveld. The notched storehouse belonged to Jens Bjørneboe during his transformation from a scholared painter to a well-known author. The building can be used for contemplation and writing. Leveld art center wish to maintain the tradition with artists in Leveld.

+ images from Leveld

* text adapted from Leveld’s Kunstnartun’s website http://kunstnartun.no/?page_id=403