| from words to form

The students were asked to investigate the tastes and wishes of the local residents regarding the potential programme for a future Community House.
: What do you like to do the most in the summer and in the winter? 2 activities per season
: What’s your favourite and second favourite outdoors activity and indoors activity?
: What do you like to do with your family and friends? indoors, and outdooors?
: What kind of space do you think is missing in leveld?
: What kind of shared space (to be shared amongst the community) would you like to have?
: Would you like to get involved in designing and building a new community stabbur? How could you help?
From the questions asked to 30 people (aprox.10% of Leveld’s population) we have collected the following results:
Questionnaires_ outcomes_all
The observations lead to the making of the animations [ From words to form : uses for the Stabburgueiros ] film where the children started designing some versions of stabburgueiros which already accommodate the most popular programme ideas both for the inside and the outside.
+ place to watch films (on a slope)

+ place to cook & eat dinner / good restaurant (wet floor + sink)

+ place to store food

+ place for coffee

+ place to draw (wet floor + sink)

+ place to read (cozy)

+ place for art workshops with school children and invited artists

+ place to play board games (cozy)


: trampoline

: place to cycle

: place to play (for children)

: food garden / allotment