> fun-ding for our stabburgueiro

Who said fundraising always has to be boring and hideous?

We (atelier urban nomads) decided to make the fundraising of our stabburgueiro a fun and creative task. On our eight visit to Level Skule, in October 2016, we worked with the now Year 6 class on different ideas about how to fundraise our future community house.

To do that we continued working with storytelling. Five groups were put together to come up with a list of ideas of activities that could be done by the children, the school and their families to help to fundraise the project. When an extensive list was put together, we voted for the most popular initiatives and randomly allocated them to the different groups.

Cake lottery was by far the most popular, followed by waffle sale, showstabburgueiros calendar and a joint pizza sale with car wash.


Each group was then asked to invent a story as if the event was happening for real. They would have to consider the following aspects:

: what the event was

: who would organizing it and who would do what

: when would it happen

: where would it happen

: who would come

: how would it be advertised

: what makes it specially related to the stabburgueiros

: what would the money be used for

: how many times would we have to do the same event or a similar one

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The next step would be to make a pop-up book. To do that, we looked at different examples where we could find inspiration. The most beautiful ones being In the Forest by Anouck Boisrobert, and Under the Ocean by Boisrobert and Rigaud. Each narrative would be illustrated in a minimum of 6-8 scenes (6-8 pages for a pop up book) with the following structure:

1 : before the event – gathering to have the fundraising ideas

2 : preparation

3 : spreading the word

4 : organisation of the event

5 : event

6 : money collected

8 : building in use

The children would have to make the drawings of the different scenes and consider the scenarios, actors, text and movement of the pages. Together, we had to find out how pop-up books are made, how they can be put together.

The stories were very funny, part-real, part-fiction. The books are still under construction, but once they are finished, we shall make them into large-scale pop-up books.

img_0197  img_0207

Year 6 . October 2016

All work was done by Hedda,Tord, Ingrid, Guri, Erlend, Kristin, Solveig, Selma, Torjus, Sigri, Benjamin, Andrea, Margit, Tuva and Iver with the precious help of Tonje, the lovely Year 6 teacher.

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