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We are back in Leveld, this time our mission is to create a theatre performance based on imaginary stories that portray what would happen inside the different rooms of the stabburgueiros .

We will have to think about the differences of use and permeability in the winter and in the summer, in the morning, afternoon, evening. Who would look after the space? Who could use it? What furniture/equipment would be needed? who would clean it/maintain it?

The Year 5 class of Leveld Skule, with whom we have been working, was split into five groups again. Each group had a room typology.

Gr. 1 : Small space : Lesing : Solveig, Kristi, Margit

Gr. 2 : Medium space : Lage ting : Hedda, Benjamin, Selma

Gr. 3 : The Biggest space : Kaffe / mat : Iver, Ingrid, Sigri

Gr. 4 : Medium space : Kunst / Teikning : Andrea, Kristine, Guri, Maja

Gr. 5 : Spill : Small space : Torjus, Erlend, Tord, Tuva

Balcong + Film / spise : ALL STUDENTS TOGETHER


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In their groups, they created fantastic stories of how each of the space would be inhabited in one specific moment (ex. morning session in the summer; dinner party around Christmas time; spring festival, etc). The main characters of the stories were the furniture and objects that inhabit the space. The objects become / represent the users (as an example, see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afzmwAKUppU )

We started by making small sketches of the masks/costumes that the children would wear when acting the role of the different objects.

The children then made scaled models of their masks to put on their toys. We recorded them reading the stories. Based on the masks the children made for the models, we started making our 1:1 scale masks to be used on the performance.

To listen to the stories, click on the images…


Den Søtr Hevn . Den Søte Kunstneren . Bokkrigen . Kort Spele Idiot . Kniv pa restaurant 

Our performance is inspired on La Ginnastica del Guerriero, by the Italian artist Silvia Costa, see https://vimeo.com/42989661.

The room buzzed with excitement as the costumes were about to be finished. The class run outside onto the valley and the rooms of our future stabburgueiro gained life in the fields of Leveld!


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