> scale-change: from face to furniture : part II


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: day 02 : Year 8

The second day of the workshops took place at the Secondary School in Ål. For the first time, the stabburgueiros project involved youngsters in the design-process. Considering we were now working with about-to-be-adults, whose socialization-process is more advanced and who are already able to understand design rules, we prepared some inspiration-presentations to stimulate their creativity. The task was to combine their own ideas with already existing typologies of furniture which were brought to the workshop by us. Ideally, surreal hybrids consisting of different furniture pieces would be the result. At the end, the students were asked to make a collage of their hybrids proposals. They were free to use pictures or picture puzzles of existing designed furniture, newspaper, as well as textured paper and paperboard in different colours or even to paint parts to create their furniture. As the allocated time was too short the students were asked to finish the collages within the next months before our next visit in May. The collages eventually lead to the making of models of different room proposals which were displayed around the school. You can see the results in programming & spatial qualities.


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