> scale-change: from face to furniture : part I

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The stabburgueiros project finally started a new stage. The atelier urban nomads’ team travelled to Leveld from the 24th to the 28th of November 2015.

This time, our aim was to design the inside of the future stabburgueiros community house. Workshops were conceived for Year 5 children from the Leveld Primary School as well as for two classes from Year 8 Secondary School children from Ål and the Art Class from the Ål Kulturhus with whom we had worked before back in the spring.

The work was a development of what has been designed in the previous workshops which started by considering the building as a whole. The result was that the new stabburgueiros building would consist of one big-sized central room, a balcony and five smaller spaces around them. The programme for the smaller spaces was informed by the work done to date with the community. A space for ‘making things’, ‘art’, ‘coffee and food’, ‘reading’ and for ‘playing’ were considered important spaces to bring people together in the building.

The classes worked in groups – each focused on one certain space/theme.


: day one :  Year 5

On the first day we worked with Year 5 from Leveld Primary School. In five different groups the children started by thinking about the elements needed for each of the five specific space – ‘making things’, ‘art’, ‘coffee and food’, ‘reading’ and ‘playing’ spaces. They created a word-list of what they would need in the individual spaces and, on the following step, brought words into form. The children drew the different pieces of what they would need in the interior of their spaces. Their drawings involved a mix of perspective and plans or elevations in proportion, but not exactly in scale (approximately 1:10). To complete the subsequent task an understanding of scale proved to be necessary. Before the workshop, ground plans of the spaces in a 1:10 scale had been prepared. Every group got their specific ground plan and had to think about:

> the right size

> the right perspective of the furniture as they were looking onto the plan

Every group managed to fill up their plan with their pieces of interior furniture and pinned them up by using tailor’s pins. At the end, we had five part-spaces filled with ideas for the future furniture of our stabburgueiro. Their individual design ideas were reflected in the drawings.


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