> programming & spatial qualities

: part I :

Following up on what we worked on during scale-change: from face to furniture part II, in Tone’s art class all Year 8 students continued developing their design ideas for the different spaces inside the stabburgueiros. As these students only work on the project more sporadically due to time constraints, their understanding of the overall project is limited to the times we meet. That, however, was not an obstacle for their imagination. Using shoe boxes and reclaimed materials, each student created models of spaces they would like to inhabit based on their likings and everyday experiences. The collection is eclectic showing how diverse the students’ tastes and interests are. Some of the ideas will eventually be gathered and transferred to the final design of the stabburgueiro.

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: part II :

On a second phase of the activity, different students were asked to consider how the spaces would be used, how space and people would interact. When? Would they use them? What would be needed to facilitate certain uses. These lead to a series of unfinished tiled collage drawings to be finished in the art class.

img_0119 img_0120 img_0130 img_0132

Year 8 . Ål Secondary School 2015/16 & 2016/17

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