> stabburgueiros guardians, the creatures from the woods


Who would look after our Stabburgueiros when we are all busy or away?

Year 5 class of Leveld Skule put together all sorts of found and reclaimed materials, similarly to what we had done when we first made the models of imaginary stabburgueiros. Buttons, threads of all thicknesses and colours, fabrics, cotton, wire, sticks, leaves, pins and needles, tape and staples all came to action so we could create our creatures from the woods, the guardians of our future community house.

Each child made a drawing of an imaginary creature that would remind them of Leveld. We cut the drawings in 3 parts and mixed them amongst the class so that each creature would end up being a mix of 3 different ones created by three different students.

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We then found materials, amongst our pile of collected stuff, that would allow us to make the drawings into objects, soft sculptures of our icons, our stabburgueiros’ guardians.

With enormous care, each child beautifully stitched their own guardian. These will become part of the signage of our future community house

Year 5 . October 2015 & Spring 2016

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