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Walk along the valley took place on the 6th of June 2015. On a windy afternoon that just about confirmed the presence of Spring in Leveld, students from Leveld Skole, local residents and atelier urban nomads’ team met at the school to start our Stabburgueiros parade along the valley. We walked up and down the valley carrying the giant cardboard stabburgueiros designed and built by Leveld Skole’s students over the previous 3 days.

The designs were inspired on all the work done with the 3 classes (Y2, Y5 & Y6) during the rest of the year.

We stopped at different points along the valley to present our project to the neighbours ending the parade at the school with a celebration of all the effort done by all students throughout the year with a delicious picnic.

The video documentation by Simone Pellegrini of the making of the stabburgueiros and the parade will be online soon.

+ pdf : Walk along the valley :


parade5aIMG_4923 IMG_4911IMG_4917 IMG_4910IMG_4912 IMG_4868IMG_4890 IMG_4891


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