> stabburgueiros in the wild : photographs

2015-04-17 09.31.46small

In order to test how the new stabburgueiro designs would perform outside in Leveld’s landscape and possibly choose a site for the new building, Year 6 students took their models to the surroundings of the school.

2015-04-17 09.40.51small 2015-04-17 09.54.34small 2015-04-17 09.55.22small

Using timber dolls proportional to the size of the models they built, the children photographed ( using an Fujifilm Instax camera ) their buildings in use amongst the woods near the school and at the schools’ playground.

2015-04-17 10.11.37small 2015-04-17 10.15.19small 2015-04-17 10.01.05small2015-04-17 10.17.33small 2015-04-17 10.25.00small 2015-04-17 10.28.11small


At the end we gathered some picturesque framings of how our new Community House might be perceived in Leveld by those who pass by and glance at a new emblematic building.

Lena,Mathias,Gro,Andres Kjell-Arne,Monica,Eirik, Marie Ida,Ingrid,Karen

Photos taken by: Lena,Mattias,Gro,Andres | Kjell-Arne,Monica,Eirik, Marie | Ida,Ingrid,Karen

Y6 . April 2015


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