> stabburgueiros in the valley : play experiment I

As a preparation to June’s parade [ Walk along the valley ], Years 2 & 6 were asked to make a model of Leveld’s valley with all the existing natural elements that characterise the local landscape.

DSCF2218small DSCF2229small DSCF2231small DSCF2209samll

The smaller children drew and cut out trees (tall and slim like the local pine trees and silver birches);  the animals: cows, sheep, dogs; the buses and cars; collected bits of timber, leaves, moss and pines from the local woods and potato-stamped the grass and the roads.

DSCF2235small DSCF2241small DSCF2243small

The older children, based on the designs created with the puzzles and the drawings of the interior of the stabburgueiros, created 3D models of three different designs for stabburgueiros. The models would have to be on silts to recall the vernacular constructions, and would have to have a door so we could look inside and understand how they would be used. Balconies, windows, doors and special ornaments were cut out from the re-used cardboard boxes.

DSCF2265small DSCF2267smallDSCF2264small 2015-04-16 13.31.57smallDSCF2257small DSCF2256small DSCF2253small

Once all the parts had been finished, the collectively made giant model was put together and the Y6 children were invited to play, freely, as if the stabburgueiros were in-use. The giant model allowed the children to start thinking about the actual building might be built and all the designs will help atelier urban nomads design the giant cardboard stabburgueiros which will lead June’s parade [ Walk along the valley ].


Y2 & Y6 . April 2015

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