> ornamentations : windows paintings

P1080560A P1080562A P1080578A

Following the workshop on pattern making done with students from Tone Haga’s Kunst class – Ål kulturskule –  we continued working on ornaments for the new Community House. This time we took inspiration from the beautiful paintings and carvings that filled doors, windows and lintels in the old stabburs. The illustrations would tell the story of how the valley was inhabited, the owners of the stabburs and their daily activities.

DSCF1955small DSCF1952smallDSCF1942small DSCF1949smallDSCF1941small DSCF1940small DSCF1939small DSCF1937small DSCF1936small DSCF1932small

The students had been working on sketches for illustrations that would go on windows which will be used in the new Stabburgueiro : Community House. They were asked to represent current activities that happen in Leveld. Drawings of tractors representing the farms, skiers, hunters, volleyball players and local fauna were the most popular illustrations made by the children. Tone collected old windows from her own farm and with special glass paint the children (and a parent) transferred the drawings to the beautiful old windows.

DSCF1960small DSCF1959small

At the end all parents, children, and a special guest Ivar Papadopolous Samuelsen, gathered in the Kunstnartun for a talk on the project and on the work done with Tone over the last academic year.



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