> from words to form : animations

Based on the initial suggestions given by children, parents and friends for the possible uses the new Stabburgueiro : Community House might have, Years 2 & 6 children have been working on drawings of how the new building might be inhabited. Cinema rooms with wide corridors, special lights and plenty of seats were a popular choice amongst the children. Bookshelves covered with books of all formats and colours filled up the reading room. Circular tables and cupboards with paint, papers, brushes and other materials defined the activities of the art room. The restaurant/dining area was normally drawn at the ground level. Internal or external stairs would take one to the film room  in the middle floor. At the top floor a cozy room to read books about the films would invite the guests of the Community House to peaceful look out of the window and watch the activities happening outdoors: cycling, children playing and others jumping on the trampoline whilst vegetables would be growing on a lush vegetables garden.

DSCF1862small DSCF1881smallDSCF1869small DSCF1879small DSCF1968small

All the activities were drawn individually. Then, with a timber puzzle made by atelier urban nomads using the initial drawings of the merge between stabburs and espigueiros, the children had to re-design 4 new stabburgueiros taking into account the different uses they had decided the new building would have.

frontStabburgueiros website_new copy

DSCF1883small DSCF1884smallDSCF1903small DSCF1895small DSCF1898small

The puzzles were then placed on a white sheet of paper where they drew the surrounding landscape. In separate pieces of card, each student drew their friend from the other class and cut out the characters for an animation that tells the story of how the stabburgueiros and the surrounding landscape might be used once the community house is built.

2015-04-14 12.32.41small DSCF1916small2015-04-15 08.56.24small 

DSCF1923small 2015-04-14 12.32.48small

Finally, an animation was made with three different potential scenarios for our future Stabburgueiro.

The puzzles created by atelier urban nomads can be bought | for hand & mouth shop as a way of fundraising for the construction of the building.

Y2 & Y6 . April 2015



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